Monday, April 10, 2017

Great Gatsby Chapters 7, 8, & 9

Chapter 7 -

What is the significance of such hot summer day? Why does the chapter start with so many references to the heat? Nick takes the train to eat lunch with Tom and Daisy, he finds Gatsby and Jordan there. Daisy's baby is introduced. Gatsby can't believe the baby is real. Why? Gatsby and Daisy seem so in love and can't hide it. Daisy asks Gatsby to go into town with her.

Chapter 8 -

"Holocaust" is the destruction or slaughter on a mass scale. "All Burn"

Who has been killed off? Gatsby and Wilson

What larger ideas have been killed off, and how? In a way, the american dream has been killed off. Gatsby seems to be the image of the american dream throughout the whole book. He started dirt poor, and became one the the wealthiest men in america. When he died, I think the american dream died with him.

The holocaust reference shows how, while only one important man died, there was a mass destruction because of how important Gatsby was to this society.

Chapter 9 -

Nick describes Gatsby's death. Nick seems to be the one most deeply affected by his death. Why didn't daisy go to his funeral? The last few lines in the book show how the american dream is sought for throughout the book and Gatsby's life. He reaches out his arms toward the green light which represents the american dream. The American dream seems to die in the society along with Gatsby. Is this what Fitzgerald intended?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Why does Nick decided to talk about Gatsby's past int his point of the book? Gatsby was very poor, he worked all year long and at a lake during the summers. He went out to a mans Yacht to warn him about an incoming storm. The man befriended him, and Gatsby lived on his boat, taking care of the man when he got drunk. The man died, and left Gatsby 25,000$ but his mistress wouldn't let him have it. This is when Gatsby promised himself that he would become rich one day, which he did. I think Gatsby is truly great because of the success that he accomplished on his own. Gatsby has fulfilled the american dream. He started off poor, now he is a rich well-known man in New York. He jumped social classes, and lives what is said the be the perfect life.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Nick comes back to his house after a date with Jordan. Gatsby's house has all the lights on, but it is silent, and Nick doesn't see Gatsby. Nick walks home and Gatsby startles him in his yard. Gatsby seems to want to make Nick happy, he invited him to Coney Island and for a swim in his pool. He does this because he wants to ask about the tea with Daisy. Why is Gatsby so nervous to talk to Nick about this? I think Gatsby don't want Nick to think of his as a bad person, because he wants to date a married woman. Nick says he will help Gatsby with his plan. I wonder if he feels obligated to help Gatsby after he was so nice to Nick, or if Nick really wants to help. Gatsby starts helping Nick with a lot of things, like putting his lawn and offering him to help his business. Nick is offended that Gatsby wants to pay him for his help. Why does this bother Nick? It seems like Gatsby is just trying to be helpful, but I could see how this could offend Nick. It would be hard to live in a not nice house next to Gatsby. Gatsby becomes very nervous for what Daisy is going to say. When Nick brings Daisy into the house, Gatsby has disappeared. Then Gatsby enters after a walk through the rain. Why did Gatsby leave? Was he just too nervous to see Daisy, and what changed his mind and made him come back? The reunion is very awkward. Then Nick leaves them alone, when he returns, the two were happy. They talk about their future together. DO either of them feel bad for betraying Tom? Or not, because Tom has been with another woman too? Why do Daisy and Tom not just end things, since they both have feelings for different people? Who is Klipspringer? Does he live at the mansion? Klipspringer plays a song for the two, and Nick leaves them alone.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapters 2, 3 & 4 Metacognitive

Chapter 2 -
Valley of Ashes is introduced and described. "A fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens..." Nick meets Tom Buchanan's mistress. Why is Tom so insistent on Nick meeting her? Nick says that he has no desire to meet Toms mistress, but he insists. Maybe Tom wants Nick to meet her because he is so self conscience about his own marriage, he wants to show Nick that his and Daisy's fighting doesn't matter because of his mistress. What significance do the Doctors eyes looking down on the Valley of Ashes have? Nick says that he got drunk for the second time in his life at the party with Top; and his mistress. It seems like Nick and Gatsby both don't drink a ton. Whats the significance of this?

Chapter 3 -
Gatsby throws elaborate parties nearly every weekend at his mansion. Gatsby's driver brings Nick an invitation. How does Gatsby even know about Nick, other than being neighbors? Maybe their parents were friends? Gatsby and Nick seem only connected, as the story revolves around them two. But we haven't found out why they are connected yet. Nick feels out of place at Gatsby's party. Why do the guests talk about Gatsby, their host, so much during the party? Nobody knows the truth about who Gatsby is or how he has so much money. Lucille tells Nick that Gatsby was a German spy during the war. Is this true? Nick also hears many more fake rumors about Gatsby. Nick and Jordan run into "owl eyes" does this have anything to do with the eyes looking over the valley of ashes? Nick finds a man who he fought the war with. A butler tells Jordan that Gatsby wants to see her. At the end of the chapter, Nick describes his everyday life. As if to show that he does more than just party. Nick begins seeing Jordan Baker. Nick realizes that Jordan is very dishonest, and lied about her golf score. Nick is still attracted to her despite this, and says that he is the most honest person he knows.

Chapter 4 -
Nick describes a trip he and Gatsby took up to New York for lunch. Gatsby tells Nick about his past, but Nick doesn't believe it. Does Nick know something about Gatsby? Why does he automatically not believe his story? Nic asked Gatsby what Northwestern city he is from and Gatsby says "San Diego." Gatsby gets pulled over for speeding, but Gatsby showed the man a white card and he let him go. After lunch, Nick sees Jordan Baker. Jordan tells Nick what Gatsby told her, that he is in love with Daisy. Where did this come from? This seems kinda like a random assertion. Daisy fell in love with Jay Gatsby during the war, before her and Tom were married. Gatsby bought his West Egg mansion in order to be close to Daisy. Gatsby wants Jordan to make a reunion for him and Daisy. Gatsby's plan is to go to Nicks house while he and Daisy are having tea to surprise her.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Great Gatsby Book Cover

The Great Gatsby Book Cover

3 Aspects
- The background of the book is dark blue
- The bottom part is a pop of colors; red, pink, and yellow
- There are little figures in the woman's eyes. I can't see them clearly, but they could be small humans. 

The color of the woman's face and the explosion at the bottom contradict each other. The woman seems sad, she is painted completely out of the color blue. She has a tear streaming down her face. The bottom part of the page looks like a big city with lots of movement and color.

How do the emotions on the woman's face on the cover express how the American Dream truly fulfills us?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Color of Water Chapter 24 - End

Chapter 24 - New Brown

Ruth and James attend an event at the New Brown Church. Ruth thinks that the church has changed in bad ways. She believes that her first husband was the best reverend the church has had. Was this thought biased or was he really the best? Ruth decides to speak at the event. However, she did not use the speech she originally wrote. She instead talked about her first husband and what the church used to be like. She talked about her husbands original vision for the church. Ruth's involvement in this church completely changed her life, and transformed her into Christianity. She describes the years her and Dennis spent in Harlem with the kids, and the church they started on their own. These were the happiest years of her life, despite their poverty. This shows that money does not create happiness. Does Ruth always wish she could go back to those times, or is she happy with where she is right now?

Chapter 25 - Finding Ruthie
James talks about how he kinda felt lost in college and when he entered the work force. He still loved writing and music, but his race kept making that dream hard to accomplish. In what ways did James race hold him back? James never felt secure and he didn't love any of his jobs. he realized that his insecurity in the workplace came from his own sense of insecurity. That is when he began to think about this memoir. He wanted a change in his life, and he wanted to feel secure both in himself and in the workplace. Ruth returns to Suffolk along with James and his siblings. She reconnects with Frances, they are still friends now. James realizes that of all the things in Ruth's life, her children are her most prized possession and best accomplishment and he takes pride in that. Every year, despite work and traveling, James and all his siblings go to Ruth's house for the holidays with their spouses and children, the chaos of James childhood is seen again in these big family gatherings.

James co-worker is the son of a holocaust survivor. He invites James and Ruth to his traditional Jewish wedding. Ruth agrees as long as her daughter Kathy can join them. Although Ruth has had a long, hard past with Judaism, and despite her conversion to Christianity, she shows no bitterness towards it. She recognizes its heritage and significance in her life, and she comes to terms with it. After talking about the past in the whole book, James switches to the present. He discusses his motivation in writing the book. It is interesting to hear from James now. This epilogue seems different from others because it has significance to the book, and we hear the authors motivation in writing it. James describes his siblings and their lives in order to praise his mom, showing how well she did raising 12 children. The epilogue brings the book full circle. Ruth could''t step into the protestant church when she was Jewish, but today she can step into the Synagogue even though she is Christian. She has come to terms with, and she accepts her past.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Chapter 21, 22, 23

Chapter 21 - A Bird Who Flies
Why was the news of Bubehs death very hidden or secretive? It almost seems like they don’t want Ruth to find out. The way they tell her is by telling her that there is a vacant 3 bedroom apartment - which she realized Bubeh has once owned. I wonder how her families vagueness made Ruth feel. Ruth's father and sister were very angry at her for leaving. Her father claimed it was so that she could marry a black man, and that she should never come home if she did. Why can the family not support Ruth? I thought that because their Judaism had caused racial conflicts, they would be more accepting of other races.

Chapter 22 - A Jew Discovered
First off, this chapter title confuses me, because it is James's chapter and his chapters are usually dedicated to black inequality. James continues to explore Suffolk and finds the synagogue his mother went to. How does learning about his mother make James trust her more? Why would finding Dee Dee introduce more pain into her life? Why did the Rabi not want to give James information on Ruth’s family, even though he recognized the family name? In the middle of his last night in Suffolk, James goes down to the river because he feels both the pain of his family's past, but he also recognizes the joy in his life. Why does James never play his mom the recording from Aubrey?

Chapter 23 - Dennis
Ruth remembers the judgment her and Dennis received because of their races. Does this strengthen or weaken their relationship? Ruth talks about how she because a christian and the church she went to. Ruth and Dennis were married in their Reverend's office. Ruth recalls the 9 years her and Dennis lived in one room were the happiest years of her life. Dennis became sick and died of what Ruth later found out was Lung cancer. AFter his death, Ruth was doing bad both emotionally and financially. Ruth contacted her family for help, but Aunt Betsy slammed the door in her face. How does this make Ruth feel, to lose her husband, then her family once and for all? Why can her family not even provide a little assistance, even if they are still mad? Dee Dee reminds Ruth of her broken promise to come home. At the end of this chapter, Ruth meets her second husband who promises to take care of her.